Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Full Steam Ahead!

Dear Fellow Christians and Devout Lovers of the Eastern Tradition,

 As we pray for our brethren in the Middle East undergoing an ethnic cleansing, we at the Divine Liturgy Project have been busier than ever.  On the budget of seminarians, that is not an easy task!

Yet, as you can see below, we continue to develop new proofs and receive consistent feedback from Orthodox Parish priests and scholars worldwide to improve our work.  The costs of publishing, copy editing, photoshop and other software is beginning to pile up.  Please consider making a donation to help us with our work.  We will be adding a donation button shortly. We daily keep you in our prayers (as we  are seminarians) and hope you keep us in your own.

-The Staff at the Divine Liturgy Project


  1. Who are the members of the editorial board?

    1. I would like to know who is responsible for this lovely project

  2. still no response...you out there?